Funny / 12 Angry Men

  • Three and Eight have spent most of the movie at each others' throats. When Three wants someone to help him reenact a knife attack, Eight goes along with it because he's the only one standing up. Given their previous interactions, as soon as Three raises the knife, everybody else in the room jumps up thinking Eight is about to get stabbed. Three and Eight, for their part, are relatively cool-headed about it.
  • Watching poor Juror #10 get caught in some Hypocritical Humor
    Juror #10: He's a common, ignorant slob. He don't even speak good English.
    Juror #11: He doesn't even speak good English.
    • Should be worth mentioning that Juror #11 is an immigrant.
  • While just chatting, Juror #7 talks with Juror #5 about baseball teams. Seems Juror #7 doesn't have a very high opinion of Baltimore's team.
    Juror #7: You a Yankee fan?
    Juror #5: No, Baltimore.
  • At one point, #7 starts whistling obnoxiously, prompting a rare burst of assertiveness from #2 (a very small, timid man)
    Juror #2: "Come on, knock it off!"
  • The Oh, Crap! expression Juror #3 has when he accidentally contradicts his own statement, asking how the old man (whose testimony he's been using as evidence) could be sure about anything. Especially funny if you see a staged version, as some productions will have #4 give him a "You idiot" sort of look while everyone else just stares at him.
  • Following yet another argument, cue poor Juror #2 trying to diffuse the tension. "...Anyone want a cough drop?"
    Juror #10: "Who's got those cough drops?"
    Juror #2: "All gone, my friend."