Funny / Tweenies

  • The entire Pinching episode.
  • In the episode, Go to Sleep, Fizz, Fizz looks back on earlier playgroup days, some more pleasant than others. Cue flashbacks of a day where all of the Tweenies were painting pictures. Fizz having her paintings ruined is something of a Running Gag in the Tweenies, but this episode takes it Up to Eleven. Firstly, while painting a picture of some flowers in a vase, her brush gets stuck in water pot, and she knocks it over, spilling it everywhere.
    • Then, Jake and Milo are painting pictures of animals. Milo wants to paint his horse's tail black, so what does he do to get the brown paint off? Flicks it all everywhere, and get brown specks all over Fizz's second painting.
      • Bella doesn't exactly help the situation:
    Bella: Well, never mind, Fizz. At least your water lilies look really watery!
    • And if that wasn't enough, Fizz successfully paints a third picture without any interruptions, but she leaves it to dry by putting it on the floor. Inevitably, it isn't long before Milo treads on it. Fizz's scream is priceless.
  • Jake vomiting over the floor (because he ate a Bramley apple, an especially-sour cooking apple which isn't meant to be eaten raw), and the Tweenies reaction to it in Jake's Been Sick.
  • In the aptly named "Crocodile Tears", Jake overreacts and starts crying after he gets hit in the head by a light beach ball.
  • In Tweenies Live, Max asks if there are any grandmas in the audience. He then follows up his question with "are any of you single?". He then immediately says that he was just kidding.