Funny: Tumblr

  • When the site got a new terms of use in March 2012, the conditions included a few gems.
    • The terms of service were updated again January 2014 with more.
  • This image (currently serving as the page image for Tumblr's main page on TV Tropes), detailing a day in the life of a hipster, with replacement lyrics sung to the tune of Kesha's "TiK ToK".
  • This beauty about how many different types of orange juice with various levels of pulp are sold, including:
    "Holy Shit, That's A Lot Of Pulp"
    "Seriously. There’s A Lot Of Pulp In This Motherfucker."
    "Stop Fucking With Me. Who Would Want This Much Pulp?"
    "I'm Not Fucking With You. There’s So Much God Damned Pulp In This Sumbitch That You Should Forget A Straw Because You’ll Need A Fucking Ladle."
  • Possibly one of the best things about Tumblr isn't on the site itself, but on Twitter; David Karp (known as The Creator) and his account. His tweets include his growing infuriation at being called 'Daddy' by Tumblr users and trolling people by suggesting the site will be down for maintenance.
  • This completely epic post about what is really the most powerful Pokémon.
  • The week leading up to Maintenance Day was hilarious.
    • After the mantinence update was over, the update itself and everyone's reaction to it was summed up pretty accurately with a gif from Monsters, Inc..
    Various monsters and Mike recoiling and ducking in preperation for an explosion
    Cue a tiny/insignificant (and contained) explosion
  • Every single response by Francieum.
  • People on Tumblr will reblog anything:
  • This hilarious post about how to speak Canadian, and how not to.
    "In Canada, you don’t say ‘I love you’. You say ‘EH EH MAPLE LEAF QUEEN HAM BACON MOOSE ANTLER EH’ which roughly translates into ‘I’ll give you my snow shovel.’ I think that’s beautiful."
    "what the fuck did you just say about my mom"
  • There was an image going around on Tumblr where, based on your initials, you'd choose two words to be your "wolf name." Unfortunately, some poor sap had the initials "PW," and...
  • Any post of a Brit or an American asking about and comparing between each other's cultures, and the responses that follow.
  • Everything from E3 Week.
    • Especially following the reveal of the new Super Smash Brothers game, in which they decided the Villager character was a cold-blooded murderer; along with the Wii Fit Trainer.
    "I like you...I'll kill you last."
    "I honestly can't tell which one is speaking."
  • Any of the posts regarding Leonardo Dicaprio and his lack of Oscars.
    (an image of people in gold lame full-body suits dancing)
    "I bet this is what Leo sees in his nightmares."
  • This gem about Hugh Jackman playing Gaston on Broadway.
  • The man who was physically removed from an Olive Garden for eating too many "unlimited" breaddsticks.
    "How many did you eat?"
  • A trampoline that doubles as a tent for summer camp-outs? Doesn't take long for someone to imagine the kind of sex to be had on it (and the inevitable "There are two kinds of people" post). But someone follows up with "If you ever wanted to eat someone you could start a fire under it and slow-roast them!"
    "...three. Three types of people."
  • Someone painted the map of England (on paper) using tea. It's immediately called the most English thing they've ever seen. Until about ten seconds later, when the title is quickly given to someone who replied to it, "What a waste of tea."
  • Take On Me.
  • Someone who doesn't buy into the whole Illuminati-666-devil BS decides to look up just what it means: The Illuminati (plural of Latin illuminatus, "enlightened") is a name given to several groups, both real and fictitious. Historically, the name refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, 1776 to oppose superstition, prejudice, religious influence over public life, abuses of state power, and to support women's education and gender equality. Faced with this knowledge, the user can let out only a weak, defeated "oh."
    "Next time on I Didn't Know I was a Member of the Illuminati"
    "Plot twist: Tumblr is literally the Illuminati"
    "am I in a cult?"
  • Johnny Bravo: I'm sickened, but curious...
    "The Internet in a nutshell"
  • One Tumblr user, when reminiscing about The Magic School Bus, thought about how Miss Frizzle got her students to go on so many field trips... "and then [they] remembered Whitest Kids U’ Know...."
  • Many people had different reactions to the trailer to Avengers: Age of Ultron. One person had an... interesting one.
    greatjeangrey: so ‘my heart will go onsyncs up with the avengers 2 trailer just a LITTLE too well
  • "This generation has a nice looking plane movie While our generation found entertainment through this manufactured horror." While that in and of itself is funny, one particular comment makes this hysterical: