Funny / Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil

  • Tucker first tries explaining to the Sheriff what had happened, which was (naturally) Not What It Looks Like. The expression on Tucker's face when Dale mentions their having one of the girls in the cabin is just hilarious, though.
    • This is a repeat, word for word, of a previous conservation where Dale and Tucker discuss the reality that no one will believe their situation.
  • And almost immediately afterward, one of the college kids has the pair at gunpoint, but is unable to fire. Tucker again has a baffled expression as Dale helpfully points out that the safety's still on.
    Tucker: "You gotta take the safety off"? You're something, Dale. None of this would have happened if it wasn't for you!
    Dale: What?
    Tucker: That's right! For being such a goddamn Good Samaritan!
  • As one of the college kids goes into the woodchipper, a shocked Tucker asks "Are you okay?" while trying to yank out the lower body.
  • Dale trying to sound smart when he first talks to Allison.
    Dale: Me and Tucker... I and Tucker... Tucker and I brung ya here.
  • Tucker and Dale are arguing who's at fault for the situation, and Dale lets slip he doesn't like fishing, which Tucker admits hurts his feelings. And they're doing this while being shot at by Chad.
  • After the cabin explodes and they're lying on the ground watching it burn.
    Tucker: My cabin...
    Dale: Your cabin...
    Allie: I'm a terrible therapist.