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Funny: Tsukihime
  • In Kagetsu Tohya, Shiki walks in on Akiha getting dressed (she's only wearing her underwear). The one thing Shiki can think to say? "Akiha, your chest is still as steep as a cliff side."
  • Today's lucky item...................Cliff Side Chest.
  • Hisui wakes Shiki up every morning...including the morning after his Erotic Dream, which causes some amount of awkwardness. However, since Shiki apparently talks in his sleep, she is seriously not amused if the dream is about her...
    "...from now on, please refrain from sleeping while talking about the smallness of someone's chest, or the wideness of their foreheads, or other characteristics of their body. It makes my duty to wake you up a little more difficult."
    • Speaking of Erotic Dreams, how about Arcueid's reaction (bonus points if it IS her route) of finding out Shiki saw her in his dream.
    • Ciel's is equally as funny.
  • Shiki's introduction to Arcueid:
    Shiki: What? Are you crazy? Vampires don't exist!
    Arcueid: *dark look*
    Shiki: *internal monologue* Oh. Right. She says she's a vampire.
  • The side game Kagetsu Tohya is also labeled as a "FUN DISK" for a good reason (not the hscenes)...
  • Ciel's Harem Comedy-esque Good End, or rather, Ciel's Fourth Wall breaking commentary afterwards. Which basically boils down to "That's supposed to be the GOOD end!?" For Shiki, maybe...
    • To be fair, though, Ciel sharing her good end is something of an atonement for being the only heroine with both two endings and a happy True End.
    • Besides, Ciel is the only natural reincarnation of Roa, who fell in love with Arcueid at first sight, though he didn't understand the emotion and hated it for ruining the purity of his purpose up to that point.
  • A minor, much earlier example is in Arc's route, after the first encounter with Nero Chaos, where she reveals that she compensates for her lack of healing power with... packing tape.
  • The secret bonus scenes are packed with this, taking comedy potshots at everything in the Far Side route.
  • The entire day of Kagetsu Tohya where Shiki was turned into a cat.
  • During Shiki's date with Arcueid, choosing to bring her to the back alley for an outing results in a very interesting reaction from her.
  • What is the most surefire way to force an almost invincible Vampire Princess to immediately comply to your whims? If you're Shiki in Melty Blood, you threaten to stop cooking for her.
  • Whatever you say about the anime, Arcueid's choice of movie for her date with Shiki: a vampire movie. Also, their reactions: Arcueid became an horror movie fan, while Shiki was so bored he nearly fell asleep.
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