Funny / Trouble in Paradise

  • "Tonsils! Positively tonsils!"
  • Gaston is preparing for his upcoming supper with Lily, with the waiter:
    Gaston: Beginnings are always difficult.
    Waiter: Yes, Baron.
    Gaston: If Casanova suddenly turned out to be Romeo having supper with Juliet, who might become Cleopatra, how would you start?
    Waiter: (Beat) I would start with cocktails.
    • And a little later, as Gaston continues to describe the supper he wants:
    Gaston: I want to see, um...
    Waiter: (gets it) Yes, Baron.
    Gaston: And as for you, waiter...
    Waiter: Yes, Baron?
    Gaston: I don't want to see you at all.
    Waiter: (slightly hurt Gaston needs to say this) No, Baron.