Funny / Trish Stratus

  • A backstage segment between her Chris Jericho (a year before their storyline relationship) on Raw 2002.
    Jericho: I think you need a good dose of...Vitamin C.
    Trish: I have to say, when you were running around buck naked last week, I think you mean something more like Vitamin...wee.
  • A match where she returned to team with John Cena in Toronto 2007. Cena developed a very noticeable....friend during his part in the ring. The commentators were struggling not to laugh at it. Apparently Trish is that good looking in person.
  • Trish hosted The Highlight Reel one week while Chris Jericho was injured (read: she and Tomko had him taken out) and gave us some brilliant one-liners.
    • "Hello, 911, I'd like to report a robbery. It seems Trish and Tomko just stole the show"
    • "Oh and JR, sweetie, I'm so sorry about your little table. (imitating JR) That Jezebel's Problem Solver just broke yo' table. My God! My God!"
  • During an in-ring promo (where the crowd were booing Lita and not her) Trish managed to get the heat back on herself with a great line.
    "One more word from you people and I am gonna walk right out of here!"
  • From Trish's DVD there's a part where she bumps into Stone Cold and they have a nice little banter. Stone Cold starts talking about his Dodge Colt...
    Trish: Would you drive a Dodge Stratus? (giggles)
    Austin: (Luminescent Blush) If...I...if she...if they would let me.
    Trish: Aha, I see what you did there.
    Austin: A little innuendo.
    Trish: A Double Entendre if you will.
    Austin: Say that three times fast.
    Trish: Double Entendre, Double Entendre, Double Entendre. What would that be?
    Austin: I think that was a triple Double Entendre.
  • On The Weakest Link she was asked a question about Richard Nixon. After taking ages to think about it, she simply said "I'm from Canada, I don't know" - Anne Robinson lets a few chuckles out before giving her the right answer.