Funny / Tremors

Tremors (first movie)

  • Earl is walking along with Val and Rhonda only to suddenly scream as he falls knee deep into the ground.. before stepping out.
    Earl: Damn prairie dog burrow!
    Val: Those sons of bitches.
  • Earlier, when Earl and Val are driving and getting freaked out over the mysterious deaths, Earl comments how he doesn't want to spend the night out on the road. Val's response? "Crybaby."
  • Melvin pretending a severed snake-tongue is strangling him. Which leads to a very angry Burt Gummer nearly shooting him.
  • Later, Melvin scares Earl with a basketball.
    • Seconds later, Melvin got attacked by a Graboid for real:
    Earl: Dammit, I'm gonna kick his ass!
    Val: I'm gonna help you.
  • "We killed it... we killed it! FUUUCCCKKKK YOOUUUU!!!! FUCK YOU!"
  • Really, the banter between Earl and Val just makes the entire first movie:
    "I ask you, is this a job for an intelligent man?"
    "I dunno. Show me one and I'll ask him."

    "See you later Chang, we've got a schedule to keep."
    "Yeah, we plan ahead, that way we don't do anything right now. Earl explained it to me!"

    "Dammit, Val, listen to me, I'm older and I'm wiser!
    "Yeah well, you're half right."

    "Hey, Rhonda, you ever hear about anything like this before?"
    "Oh, sure, Earl, everybody knows about 'em, we just didn't tell you!"

    "No way they can outrun the horses."
    "Shit for all you know they can fly."

    "Well I'm a victim of circumstance."
    "Thought you called it your pecker."
  • When the Graboid first breaks into Burt and Heather's rec room and they empty their current guns. The camera follows them as they go to a wall covered in guns.
    • Celebrating afterwards:
      Burt: (On the radio) We killed that motherhumper!!!
      Val: Be advised, there are two more, repeat, two more motherhumers.
      (Cue Burt and Heather being seen up on their own roof like everyone else.)
  • "Hey, Melvin, wanna make a buck?"
  • Rhonda averting Omnidisciplinary Scientist in a hilariously deadpan manner:
    Val: What do you think it's doing, Rhonda?
    Rhonda: ...Why do you keep asking me?

Tremors TV Series

  • In the first episode, where Tyler Reed convinces Burt to start running a survival course to cash in on Perfection depending on Graboid tourism by pointing out that, seeing as how he's living in a hole in the ground and eating nothing but wild cactus with tomato sauce, he can use the money. Burt looking at the forkful he was about to eat then the way he asks if people would really pay to learn how to eat this stuff just sells it.