Funny / 31 Minutos

  • What usually happens when Calcetin-con-rombos-man note  appears:
    Someone: Oh look, it's Calcetin-con-rombos-man! *Turu, ruru!*
    Calcetin-con-rombos-man: Yes, it's me, Calcetin-con-rombos-man! *Turu, ruru!*
  • This exchange from 'El secreto de Policarpo' happens after Tulio wants to buy everything Tío Pelado is selling.
    Juan Carlos Bodoque: Tulio, Tulio, what are you doing? He is Tío Pelado, the most famous swindler of Titirilquén. He is famous for taking advantage of fool and brain weak people.
    Tulio Triviño: But, why he wants to swindle me?
    Juan Carlos Bodoque: (giving an Aside Glance to the audience) I'll explain later to you, Tulio.
  • In 'Por el Señor Manguera", after the Fan Kidnappers's hideout was found, this exchange happens:
    Mario Hugo: And what we are waiting to get in?!
    Fan Brigade Agent: I can't get in without an order
    Mario Hugo: Get In! It's an order!
    Fan Brigade Agent: Oh! It's an order! (gets immediately, with Mario Hugo and the rest of the Fan Brigade agents into the hideout)
  • In 'La Monalisa', the "Call & Win" late night TV show segment where Tulio, Bodoque and Juanín were the hosts. ALL of it.
    • The same goes for the ending of that episode, where they must return to host that show, and the only call they received was just a recording of a politician asking to be voted.
  • The footage of Tulio before he had plastic surgery in "El fin del mundo".
    • Thinking that the world is going to end, Tulio decides to give away his money, only for the others to point out how pointless this is.