Funny / Transformers: Robots in Disguise

  • While she tries to get onto a subway train, Kelly still can't catch a break.
    Kelly: What's the idea?! I put my money in already!
    Worker: You didn't pay enough.
    Kelly: I paid the full fare!
    Kelly: What the...?! You let him through! What's going on around here? How come he didn't have to pay anything? That isn't fair!
    Worker: Fine! You tell him he can't go through!
  • In "Wedge's Short Fuse", the Build Team and the Predacons meet for the first time. Unfortunately, it seems none of them have every been told exactly what the other group looked like.
    Heavy Load: Wedge, if I'm not mistaken. That dancing shark having a nervous breakdown on the iceberg is Sky-Byte.
  • In an episode called "Sky-Byte Saves The Day", Anti-Villain Sky-Byte threatens to knock a building over. When he is begged not to harm his hostages, he gets confused. Not only has he no clue what kind of ransom to ask for, but when the building starts to come down he goes and holds it up, making it look like he's helping. Sky-Byte just gets more and more confused under the weight.
    Sky-Byte: Now, more than ever before, my dear hostages need me!
  • More highlights with Sky-Byte include "Skid's Decision", where during a race and Sky-Byte is in a Paper-Thin Disguise as a car, and Megatron mistakes him for an Autobot, twice. The first time, he speeds up and runs him off the track, and barely hearing Sky-Byte screaming that it's him, says afterwords that the voice sounded familiar. The 2nd time, Megatron is in his jet mode and sees Sky-Byte at the bottom of cannon. Sky-Byte desperately tries telling Megatron that it's him, but Megatron doesn't hear and buries him under ruble.
  • One episode had the Decepticons claim that they wanted to defect from the Predacons and join the Autobots. Optimus being Optimus welcomes them happily (and blindly), but Side Burn (wisely) suggests that they test the 'Cons first. And as one would expect, Hilarity Ensues.
    Scourge: You mustn't ignore the traffic laws. You might get hurt.
    Human Driver: AHHHHH!!!
  • Sky-Byte and believe it or not, Ultra Magnus in "The Two Faces of Ultra Magnus" are a surprisingly funny pair.
    Sky-Byte: You can destroy the train of your choice. (gleeful) Would you like me to take some pictures?
    Ultra Magnus: Pictures? (lost for words, for once) Uh... no.
  • In "Galvatron's Revenge" we have a Moral Event Horizon by Galvatron trying to flood the space bridge with lava to kill the Autobots and Decepticons, still sore about Scourge turning on him two episodes earlier. Sky-Byte, whose also in the tunnel points that he never betrayed him, to which Galvatron replies:
    "I'm afraid I didn't order you in there Sky-Byte, you're on your own."
  • The Predacons disguise themselves (mostly poorly) as Autobots. They all chose Optimus.
  • Sometimes, subverting a Comedy Trope can be just as funny as playing it straight:
    (Trapped under water and sees Megatrons detonator floating down)
    All: Eh?
    Side Burn: What is that thing?
    Prowl: A remote device, what could its function be?
    X-Brawn: Hm, can we use it to order some barbecue?
    Side Burn: Why don't you push the buttons and find out? Maybe they have a cute delivery van.
    Prowl: Police manual section one: NEVER push a button unless you know what it does!
    Side Burn and X-Brawn: (Mumbling) Right. Whatever.