Funny / Transformers Headmasters

  • Cyclonus is about to drop a rock on Hotrod who was wrestling Galvatron as the time; in the Hong Kong dub, the purple idiot spouts this gem:
    Hey, I can't tell which one of you is Roadimus Prime! Just stay steady guys, okay?
    • Here's a hint, Cyclonus, the ORANGE one. And he drops the rock on Galvatron's head anyways, the idiot.....
  • Fortress Maximus Has Cum Himself,then I shall get Fortress Maximus to fight me! HUH-HUH-HUH!.
  • Sixshot, ninja consultant for the Decepticons.
  • Will Scorponok return? Of course he will!
  • Doublecross, a Monsterbot with a split-personality, bickering with himself about his fire-breath.
  • Mindwipe's hypnotism reguarly puts his fellow Decepticons to sleep, and they have to be kicked awake.
  • In the English translation, Mindwipe's hypnotism is called 'magic'. It's a show about alien robots in the future, and while they were translating, somebody called it 'magic'.