Funny / Tower Prep

  • Every single scene that has Fenton in it, particularly the one where Ray and Don realize he's their new roommate. The music with their expressions really sells it.
  • Ian's entire Odyssey adventure in Book Report. Especially the Minotaur.
    • "Medusa" and the Sirens also deserve mention.
    • Ian trying to convince Daniel Jackson he read the book, when he doesn't know the main character's name.
    Literature: You know Ian, you remind me of Odysseus.
    Ian: Who?
    Literature: ...The hero of the book you're supposedly so into.
    Ian: Oh, uh, yeah, I didn't realize that's how you pronounce his name.
    • Gabe guessing "Scooby" for Argos' name on the test.
  • The Rooks:
    • Gabe: (voice muffled as he is kidnapped) All right! Rooks Rule!
    • "You look like Velma from Scooby-Doo!"
    • Gabe hesitantly drinking the Raven's Blood: "...You know, I think this is fruit punch!"
      • Odin then slaps him for ruining the mood.
    Odin: Call me... Odin.
    Ian: I thought your name was Jeremy?
  • The secret message in Art's painting turning out to be a rather poorly drawn bunny. It's the group's laughter that triggers the classroom's security system.
    • The way the gang attempts to hide from the monitors, and then the cut to them sitting in Headmaster's office.
  • The Headmaster appears to be aware of Suki in the vent in "Phone Home". A moment later, it turns out he just needed to pass gas, and resumes working on his laptop. Suki has to hide her laughter.