Funny / Touhou Mother

  • Early on, before things get real, we meet Lucas and Claus who meet the party. Where the funny part is, is Claus' nickname for Yu(u)ka. Name in question? Miss Shotakon. Now to see what exactly that means...
  • Mima suggesting that everybody should marry Marisa.
  • Satori's Engaging Conversation with Mima.
  • Return of Touhou Mother chapter 3. During the time with Yuka and Mima, you'll come across Elly who are willing to help them. You're thinking maybe we get another support character, but instead, Yuka uses her as a shield.
  • When Marisa and Alice end up in the same room for the first time in the sequel, Yuka and Mima immediately start Lampshade Hanging how the game endorses Malice.