Funny / Total Drama Equestria

Warning: You may encounter unmarked spoilers here, because spoiler tags are not allowed on Moments subpages.
  • Heather being a hypocrite when it comes to her stuffed cat.
  • Any time that Chris is afraid of Grimmore.
  • Celestia and Luna's epic excuses JUST to get rid of Blaineley. You have to read them to believe it.
  • The Mane Six's reactions upon seeing Geoff and Bridgette making out in their pony forms, but especially Twilight's reaction, as she gets temporary blindness seeing the two making out.
  • The ending of the first Total Drama Aftermath show, where everybody is whistling and Discord is messing around the others by having them float everywhere.
  • As silly as Tyler's fear of chickens was, Sierra's fear of turkeys is even sillier. She even names the turkeys she experiences 'Birdzilla'.
  • How do Discord, Chris and Luna finally open Celestia's door to her nightmare/memory? Chef uses a credit card to open it. Discord argues that he would have done it eventually.
  • In Episode Nine, Fang returns. As usual, Scott gets beaten up. What makes it funny is that Luna didn't even try to stop it at ANY TIME.
    • And before that, in Episode Six, Fang returned as well and beat up Scott, and Celestia didn't even try to stop it... especially after she stopped Sierra's attempts at breaking up the couples from getting hurt.
  • The Hall of Shame. Just the Hall of Shame.
  • Any time the Princesses put Chris in his place. First time they turned him into a toad... second into a woman. The confessionals show a majority of the cast laughing the second time, even Chef.
  • Alejandro with trying and failing on finding out who Heather's boyfriend is.
  • The Total Drama Gang doing a song every time they enter the Mystic Realm. It annoys Lightning Wisdom, but Mystic Tao doesn't seem to mind.
  • When Owen was eliminated, he got stuck in the Suck-o-Matic, causing Discord to get a plunger to push him in.
  • Harold got payback on Duncan by giving him a package filled with sugar and fire ants during his elimination. Boo-yah indeed.
  • The Step In Time Mary Poppins shout-out... it was so chaotic that even Discord and Topher joined in.
  • Chris trying to be friendly with the other contestants does not quite go as planned.
  • "DON'T! TOUCH! THE! MYSTIC! WEAPONS!" The sign that Seeker hammers up to illustrate a point.