Funny: Tortall Universe

  • Anything with the darkings in Trickster's Queen. Especially when they tell Aly what's going on at the palace when Imajane thinks Rubinyan is cheating on her. "She has nothing left to throw unless she picks up chair. ...Uh oh. She picked up chair."
    • Aly's attempt to spy on Dunevon with one is foiled because Dunevon finds it and is caught jumping up and down on his bed with it.
  • This Quote from Raoul
    Raoul: When people tell me a knight's job is all glory, I just laugh and laugh and laugh. Usually I can stop laughing before people start backing away talking about soothing drinks.
  • Alanna's first meeting with Ralon of Malven is this, particularly her comeback to him when he asks her to bow and scrape for him:
    Alanna: I'd sooner kiss a pig! A dirty, smelly pig! Is that what you've been doing, kissing pigs? Or being kissed?
  • Kel's exchange with Wyldon after a bout of jousting and he says he wished she were a boy.
    Kel: Being a girl is more fun. More funner? Is that right?
    Wyldon: Lie down, Mindelan, you're tilt silly.
  • Kel sparring with Queen Thayet, and getting dumped on her arse because she's too busy being overawed by Her Royal Majesty to conduct a proper defence. She fixes that in a hurry!
  • The reveal that Kel thought the clothes stand in her bathroom was a hurdle that had been misplaced, which she didn't say anything about for a whole year.
  • Daine's list of complaints to the Badger during Wolf Speaker. She's hungry, she's tired, she's cold, everything is going wrong-
    Daine:... and I have Squirrel feet!
  • Prince Bronau's absurd Purple Prose laden dialogue as he courts Sarai. If the book hadn't come out two years earlier, you'd swear it was meant as a parody of Twilight.
    • And Cleon's parodying of such language in his "wooing" of Kel.
    Cleon: Your teeth call to mind wolfhounds romping in the snow!
    Kel: Wolfhounds are furry. I hope my teeth aren't.