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Funny: Tomica Hero Rescue Force
  • Every second of R5's introduction, from acting like an old man (which the Neo Terror Commanders call him out on) to launching every vehicle. And did we mention the ham?
    Rei: Did he just request his own Final Rescue!?
    Hikaru: And approve it as well!?
  • Kyosuke forgets to seatbelt himself in and gets thrown all over the place when Rescue Max starts jumping around and kicking everything. Made even better by showing a recap of the last episode's fight but with Kyosuke's screaming over the top.
    Then later on in the episode ...
    Hikaru: Max Kick!
    Kyosuke: W- wait a second! Give me a second to prepare myself!
    • Made even better by his halfhearted and upside down "Ba- bakuchin Kanryou ..." at the end.
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