Funny / Tokyo Mew Mew

  • Ep. 16 - When Ichigo hilariously fails to keep the news of Lettuce's crush a secret, Mint and Pudding come running over. Zakuro... speed-walks into the room with her arms folded.
  • Ichigo needs help for homework, so Ryo offers to help... But only if she pays him.
    • Mint offered the same, but Ryou asks for more. Yes, Ryou has been shown to be more greedy than Mint.
  • In the dub, episode 4: Zoey is once again late,, and as she sprints to school she's ranting about how addicting reality TV shows are.
    Zoey: Why is it so addicting?! Why couldn't I turn away?!
  • While Ichigo and Zakuro are shopping for a Christmas present, the other three leave the cafe to follow. This leads to a heartwarming moment, until...