Funny / Tokyo Mew Mew

  • Ep. 16 - When Ichigo hilariously fails to keep the news of Lettuce's crush a secret, Mint and Pudding come running over. Zakuro... speed-walks into the room with her arms folded.
  • Ichigo needs help for homework, so Ryou offers to help... But only if she pays him.
    • Mint offered the same, but Ryou asks for more. Yes, Ryou has been shown to be more greedy than Mint.
  • In the dub, episode 4: Zoey is once again late, and as she sprints to school she's ranting about how addicting reality TV shows are.
    Zoey: Why is it so addicting?! Why couldn't I turn away?!
  • While Ichigo and Zakuro are shopping for a Christmas present, the other three leave the cafe to follow. This leads to a heartwarming moment, until...
  • The reindeer costumes. Originally, only Bu-ling wears one, and complains about the others not doing so. Later, Mint and Lettuce are seen wearing theirs, and mention that it was a failed attempt to cheer Ichigo up. Then, the camera pans to reveal... Zakuro as Rudolf.
  • Ichigo mentions that she has become very good at catching small animals so she can kiss them to turn back into a human, and the local animals know her as the 'kissing maniac'.
  • Quiche attempts to steal the spirit of a girl, but her crush jumps in front to save her, getting his spirit stolen instead.
    Quiche: Uh-oh. I got a weird spirit.
  • When Ichigo learns Ryou's backstory and expresses her sympathy, Ryou leans in and kisses her... to shut her up and turn her into a cat.
  • Alto, the mysterious cat that appears when cat!Ichigo is in danger, shows up once again and Ichigo picks him up and promises to give him nice cat food. Alto tries to squirm away, and begins glowing; he then turns into Ryou, landing on top of Ichigo. Ryou then nonchalantly walks away from the shocked Ichigo.
  • Kiiechiro weaponizing his Bishie Sparkle to calm down the three Ayas after Ichigo dumps food on them for being mean to Lettuce.