Funny: Tokyo Godfathers

  • The chase scene where Gin and Hana are trying to run after the assassin's car, on foot.
  • The scene where Gin is dressed up, against his will, in a Pimped-Out Dress after being rescued by drag queens.
  • The astounded expression of the soup kitchen lady after seeing transvestite Hana with baby Kiyoko.
    "He really was eating for two!"
  • Hana trying to cheer everybody up after Miyuki causes them all to prematurely ditch a stopped train by belting out "Climb Every Mountain" from The Sound of Music.
  • When Hana attacked that man who insulted her in her flashback.
  • A woman at the bar's reaction when Hana's mother exclaims "Abandoned!" regarding Kiyoko.
    "Yes! I've been abandoned!" *sobbing*
  • In the abandoned building filled with adorable kitties, when Gin jokes about eating them the cats all understand and surround infuriated cat-lover Miyuki for protection, all snarling and meowing angrily at Gin.
  • Hana and Miyuki's faces when they momentarily think Gin has died are funny in a Black Comedy sort of way.