Funny / Tiny Titans

Pretty much every page has something that will make you go "Awwwwwwwww" or "HAHAHAHAAA."

  • Substitute teacher Mr. Trigon.
  • Wonder Girl's invisible tricycle.
  • Robin's vaguely insulting nicknames.
  • A monkey? Dressed like Superman?
  • Pretty much all of the shout-outs are funny on their own, but hilarious if you know where they come from.
  • Pretty much every page of every Tiny Titans comic contains something that makes you laugh or go "awwww", so the best of the lot - Mr. Trigon, the some-time substitute teacher at Sidekick City Elementary, and Mr. Slade, the principal, take their children (Raven, Rose and Jericho) to a baseball game because Trigon has tickets. No, really. Mr. Slade puts Darkseid, the lunch lady, in charge for the day, and this is the result:
    Darkseid: Attention students! I, Darkseid, your acting principal of the day has declared that today we will take our finals!
    Robin: What? But it's not even the end of the semester! We didn't even study!
    Wonder Girl: This is such a crisis!
    • What helps is that skies actually turn red once Darkseid becomes acting principal.
  • Beast Boy, Robin, and Speedy are up against Psimon. Psimon pulls out a chuck of kyptonite. Robin reminds him that that only works on Kryptonians. Psimon's response? Chuck it at Beast Boy's head.