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Funny: Time Mix Up
  • Tenzo locking Naruto and Danzo in a closet in hopes of evoking Naruto's messiah powers on Danzo. It doesn't work and Tenzo finds out it has been attempted a dozen times before.
    • It turns out that it isn't because Danzo is immune, it's because protocols have been put in place for this situation ever since the first time it happened when Naruto was two. That time, Danzo had even sworn to raise Naruto as his own child.
  • Gaara catching Orochimaru in the Forest of Death... and turning him into a basketball. *bounce bounce*
  • Pretty much all of Chapter 28.
  • Itachi learns of the Kiri nin fear of all things Uzumaki and proceeds to troll the hell out of Kisame.
    Itachi: "Hey Kisame."
    Kisame: "What?"
    Itachi: "Did I ever tell you about the time Naruto tried to eat me?"

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