Funny / Thumbelina

  • Pretty much all five or so of Beetle's scenes. Particularly his first scene, where about half his lines are ad-libbed by his voice actor Gilbert Gottfried.
    Beetle: Hiya, toots! Beetle's the name, and razzmatazz is my game! Nice to meet ya, how's it goin', is everythin' okay?
  • One of Jaquimo's first lines: "I love ze sound of my own voice. Mwah!"
  • When Grundel is sulking, dipping his fingers in the water, his brothers inform him that Thumbelina's escaped and taunt him for his failure & he throws them out before storming out of the pond
    Mozo: [in a teasing tone] Hey bro...
    Grundel: Go away!
    Mozo: Pond Doc has said Thumbelina give you the slip, and is gonna marry a fairy prince.
    Grundel: [Stands up] What fairy prince?
    Mozo: Ho ho ho! You'll not be able to show your ugly face on the stage no more.
    Gringo: Everybody laugh at you!
    Grundel: Nobody laugh!
    [Mozo and Gringo laugh]
    Grundel: I said NOBODY laughs!
    '[They laugh even harder]
    Grundel: I go get Thumbelina and bring her back!
    [Mozo & Gringo laugh uncontrollably, and an enraged Grundel throws them up in the air]
    Grundel: I marry her!
    [Grundel storms off, leaving Mozo and Gringo laughing their heads off]
  • During the "On The Road Number" The method Mrs. Toad gets Thumbelina to help her sing; by stepping on her foot!.
    Mrs. Toad: Now I make her sing!
    steps on Thumbelina's foot
    Thumbelina: AHHH-hhhhh!!!
    Mrs. Toad: Bueno! Bueno! You got it!