Funny / Three Men in a Boat

  • Feeling unwell, J reads a medical dictionary and comes to the conclusion that he's suffering from everything in it. He goes to the doctor, who examines him and gives him a prescription, which he takes straight to the chemist without looking at it. The chemist looks at the prescription:
    He said he didn't keep it.
    I said: “You are a chemist?”
    He said: “I am a chemist. If I was a co-operative stores and family hotel combined, I might be able to oblige you. Being only a chemist hampers me.”
    I read the prescription. It ran:
    "1 lb. beefsteak, with
    1 pt. bitter beer
    every 6 hours.
    1 ten-mile walk every morning.
    1 bed at 11 sharp every night.
    And don’t stuff up your head with things you don’t understand.”
  • The entire bit with the pineapple tin can. Especially the Smash Cut from J preparing to smash it with the mast, to:
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