Funny / This American Life

  • The episode on Fiascoes. All of it. But Act One, the catastrophic performance of Peter Pan takes the cake. Listen here.
  • Also, Mike Birbiglia's short 2 Fresh, 2 Furious. Originally part of the This American Life Live movie, Mike recently released the film on YouTube.
  • The story of a cancer patient telling his super that he met a woman at a gas station with a trope or traveling performers, one of which included a bench pressing snowman, which entertained the super so much that he decided to write a news article about it. When he went to get more information from the tenant, however, it turned out to be fake, but it was still hilarious. Listen to it Listen to it here
  • One episode of 30 Rock had Liz listening to him on St. Patrick's Day- the show starts normally, before drunken revellers invade his studio and start to beat up Ira- who promptly asks if they've heard his show on bullying.