Funny / The X's

  • In "To Err is Truman", Tuesday and Home Base try to get Truman in trouble by giving him a tube of superglue for him to play with.
    Home Base: (mimicking Truman's voice) Wow, I sure love that kind of clue. I can use some of dat der stuff for my foolish monkeyshine. Ha ha ha.
    Truman: Home Base, quit imitating my voice!
  • When the Xs decide to try taking on each other's special abilities. They do save the day...but only because the forces of S.N.A.F.U. were laughing too hard.
  • At the beginning of "Truman X: Super Villain", when Glowface is gloating to the captured Xs, Truman successfully predicts that he's going to slowly lower them into a vat of acid filled with robot sharks.