Funny / The Worst Witch

  • Miss Hardbroom and her apparent fear of pigs.
    • A few seconds later, Miss Hardbroom runs into the girls looking suspicious (the pig above is actually Ethel):
    Miss Hardbroom: Hold on a moment. You girls haven't seen any animals on your travels have you?
    The girls all share a look
    Maud: (In an overly sweet and innocent voice) Do you mean kittens, Miss Hardbroom?
  • Enid making the entire background of the stage fall on Ethel.
  • All of Miss Bat's scenes in "Alarms and Diversions", most notably the fire drill where she has an anxiety attack in front of the whole school...after the alarm has stopped.
    • From the same episode, Mildred dropping the bucket of water on Miss Hardbroom.
    Miss Hardbroom: (through the bucket on her head) There is no need to ask which pupil is responsible for this.
    Mildred watches open-mouthed with horror, then smiles sheepishly at the laughing crowd nearby
    Miss Hardbroom: (still through the bucket) Mildred Hubble! Perhaps you would be kind enough to assist me in my predicament?
    Mildred timidly removes the bucket from Miss Hardbroom's head
    Miss Hardbroom: (very acidly) Ohhh...thank you, Mildred.
    Mildred: I'm sorry, Miss Hardbroom, I thought there was a fire..."
    Miss Hardbroom: (speaking calmly and tensely with suppressed fury) If you remember the drill, Mildred, pupils are expected to come into the yard from the main door; not, as you seem to imagine, through an upstairs window!
  • When Mr Hallow arrives at the school, Miss Drill and Miss Bat have a good look at him through the keyhole of the staff room. Miss Cackle catches them and says "I believe your classes are waiting for you, ladies". Once they've gone, she then bends down to look through the keyhole herself.
  • The girls are on a field trip and run into a group of Canadian boy scouts. The leader has a talk with Miss Drill in his cabin and asks who Miss Hardbroom is. Cut outside to HB...
    Miss Hardbroom: "Maiden Aunt!?"
  • When the girls play a basketball game against another school, Maude at one point gets the ball and walks towards the basket with none of the other team stopping her and gets one in. Miss Cackle and Miss Hardbroom jump up cheering and clapping only for the girls to inform them that Maude scored in the other team's basket.
    • Earlier on during practice, Ethel proves quite disastrous at playing and the girls have a good laugh.
    Ethel: And what do you think you're laughing at!
    Drucilla: I think they're laughing at you Ethel.
    Ethel: I know that!
  • The first episode has Miss Bat take offence to something Miss Hardbroom says and sulkily lock herself in the staff room cupboard. Not batting an eyelid, Miss Cackle picks up Miss Bat's bowl of milk (?) and casually brings it to the cupboard door for her.
  • In the school pantomime, Miss Hardbroom is playing the Fairy Godmother. Mildred's reaction when she sees her in the costume says it all.
    • Maude is playing the Wicked Stepmother and her introduction in the pantomime is materialising out of thin air like Miss Hardbroom does. And guess who Maude is dressed to resemble? We even get a quick shot of HB with an annoyed look on her face when this happens.
    • Add in how incredibly into the pantomime the Grand Wizard is ("that's not our Cinders!") and the entire episode is one big CMOF.
  • From "Let Them Eat Cake", Miss Hardbroom strolls into Mrs Cosey's tearoom. As soon as Miss Cackle hears her voice, she dives behind the couch and then pops her head up to say "I'm not here".
  • In "Sweet Talking Guys" Miss Bat takes offence at the Grand Wizard deciding to have lunch with Miss Cackle and dramatically locks herself in the cupboard. Miss Cackle tries to cover it up as "the back stairs". Then about five scenes later, Miss Bat jumps out of the cupboard to give him a "Reason You Suck" Speech while he looks like he has no idea what's even going on.
    • During his lecture in the Great Hall, Baz and Gaz use a spell to make the girls put their hands up and not be able to speak. Mildred attempts to stop it by flicking an eraser off a ruler at Merlin (who's casting it). Unfortunately she misses...and hits the Grand Wizard right in the eye.
  • In "The Witchy Hour" the girls are in the middle of a live radio show and Ethel turns the DJ into a frog. Miss Hardbroom immediately takes over...and is surprisingly talented on the radio. Oh and she refers to herself as "Hot Stuff Head Hardbroom".
  • Miss Drill organises a hiking trip with a stop by Cosey's tea room afterwards and Miss Cackle offers to come along.
    Miss Drill: But it's a hill, Miss Cackle. A steep hill.
    Miss Cackle: Yes, Miss Drill, I am familiar with hills.
    Miss Hardbroom: {muttering) And cream buns.