Funny: The World Cup

France 1938

  • French goalkeeper Laurent di Lorto slammed his face against the goalpost after a save. The fact that it's some of the earliest surviving footage in the World Cup history makes it even more embarrassing/hilarious.
    • Worse (and funnier) yet, it was a fumbled save into his own net.

West Germany 1974

Spain 1982

  • A Big Lipped Alligator Moment where France 4-1 Kuwait had a goal annulled because a Sheikh convinced the Soviet referee that the Kuwaiti team stopped after hearing a whistle!

Italy 1990

France 1998

South Africa 2010

  • This missed save by Robert Green, allowing the US to draw against England.
  • These non-goals.
  • A bird casually sitting on Algeria's goal in their match against England, presumably because it knew the ball would go nowhere near the goal. The bird gained a fan following on Facebook and Twitter.
  • While Diego Maradona's antics as coach of the Argentinian team were already entertaining, it all was crowned when during a press conference a reporter said that he'd observed he's rather close with the team, and the Spanish translation accidentally butchered it into an observation he seems to be gay with the team. His reaction is simply gold.

Germany 2011 (Women's)

  • Group C vs. Colombia - After being subbed in and scoring a goal, Megan Rapinoe runs to the corner boom mic and starts singing "Born in the USA" into it.

Brazil 2014

  • The 2014 WC logo, as some people notice, resembles a facepalm. Doubly hilarious once the tournament had facepalms being delivered by players and coaches.
  • In their opening match against Croatia, Brazil gets the first goal of the World Cup within minutes...into their own goal.
  • Luis Suárez bites Giorgio Chiellini's shoulder vs. Italy? Not funny. Chilean fast food mini-spot uses his image in an ad? Fucking hilarious.
  • Round of 16, Germany vs. Algeria: the Germans attempted a free-kick routine which involved several players performing step overs before the actual kick... only for Thomas Mueller to trip over himself before his turn. Germanic Efficiency it was not.
    • Apparently, the Germans practiced the routine, complete with fake trip, during training, so the apparent mess-up may not have been as unintentional. Germanic Efficiency it was!
  • Argentinian manager Alejandro Sabella's reaction to Gonzalo Higuain missing a clear shot on goal during their match against Belgium.
  • In their group match against Italy, Daniel Sturridge scores the first goal of the tournament for England. England's physiotherapist Daniel Lewin jumps up to celebrate....and promptly dislocates his ankle and has to be stretchered off the ground.
  • During the Brazil-Germany semifinal in the 2014 Cup, BBC commentator Steve Wilson reported this at one point when the score was 5-0 (and it only continued from there - final score was 7-1 with Brazil's lone goal coming in the 90th minute):
    Steve Wilson: If you're just tuning in, yes, the number on the score line is correct.
    • Later, Wilson matter-of-factly reminded viewers when the final would be and proclaimed it would be between Germany and either Argentina or the Netherlands. Before Germany was officially declared the winner.
    • This ad was shown in Singapore during the half-time break... to much ridicule.
    • A certain pornographic website's Twitter account had this to saynote :
      "Please stop uploading the game highlights to [our site]... Our public humiliation category is full."
    • Once the score got high enough, the Brazilians felt the only way the tears/wrath could stop was Gallows Humor. One even got a response: the joke "Not even Volkswagen makes 5 Gols in 30 minutes!" had VW reply that their plants manufacture 2 Gols per minute.
    • If you notice, a few Brazilian fans in the crowd didn't even wait for post-game angry flag burning time to pull a Face-Heel Turn on their own team — instead opting to cheer German ballhandlers out of respect on occasion during the last 20 minutes.
  • The Mutant Enemy finale: GER-ARG. Sure, it means mangling the pronunciation of both names, but Rule of Funny.
    • Previously, Brazilians found hilarious that France-Nigeria was FRANGA, meaning both chicken and gay.

Qatar 2022

  • The fact that the 2022 World Cup is supposed to take place in Qatar.
    • As of 1 June 2014, it is under investigation by FIFA, after a report from England's Sunday Times claimed it had documents showing former FIFA vice president Mohammad bin Hammam bribed the World Cup voting committee with $5 million. FIFA has supposedly alerted the USA to be prepared in case Qatar is stripped of its hosting, though the US has denied this.
    • Now something of a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment since over 270 migrant workers have been reported dead in hellish conditions, which is something else that the committee is taking into consideration.
    • FIFA is trying to save face and not take the Cup from Qatar... only for their solution to bypass the scorching summers to be interrupting the regular season, with the tournament in November-December. Finishing one week before Christmas! It would be funny if it wasn't tragic.