Funny / The Wonderful 101

  • Many of Wonder-Blue's antics during the prologue:
    • Blue dropping his rose during his henshin, and scrambling to pick it up.
    • During a mid-leap freeze-frame scene, Blue gets bored and breaks the fourth wall by continuously glancing to his side, then swings his sword around a bit. He then drops his sword, and goes to retrieve it, then swims up the screen. He's out of position when the freeze ends, and ends up getting knocked around by a bunch of other Wonderful Ones.
  • When Wonder-Green is a bit upset that Wonder-Red - a rookie with barely a month on the team - is the leader after Green's introduction, he demands to know Red's tactical exams scores. Red reveals that he scored 100 on the written while 98 on the field. The Jaw Drop and unspoken Big "WHAT?!" looks on both Green and Blue respectively is priceless.
    • Earlier than that, during Green's intro when the player creates thier first Unite Gun, Green uses Blue as the bullet. You can hear him scream as he smashes into a Cough-Foon that was spawning You-Houghs.
  • The moments where Wonder-Green tries to hit on Wonder-Pink, and then Pink's responses to them.
    Wonder-Pink: "How do you say GET LOST in French?~"
  • The scene where Wonder-Yellow can't come up with a catch phrase after finishing off Wanna. His awkwardness seals the deal.
    Wonder-Yellow: "Oh... so embarassed."
  • Failing one of Wonder-Pink's QTEs results into this.
    • What's more, the slowed-down version reveals she's talking to Silvia from Viewtiful Joe, with a reference to the desire for Viewtiful Joe 3.
      • Perhaps even better if Wonder-Cheerleader is a part of the group. This implies Silvia thought it appropriate to call Wonder-Pink in the middle of duty while she was several feet away.
    • SO MANY QTEs have hilarious failure results. Failing to create the arrow for the Goddess of Blossoms' bow has the statue turning to SHRUG AT THE CAMERA before slide whistle falling off-screen. In an earlier QTE, not forming Unite Gun has Wonder-Green hit by a building and knocked into sky, complete with a sparkle and A FADE-IN PICTURE OF HIM GIVING A THUMBS-UP. You will laugh at one or more of these. You can watch all of the QTE failures on this channel.
      • If you fail creating the Unite Whip for the very first time, Wonder-Pink will run towards the camera, punch it, and then stomp on it repeatedly.
      • One QTE fail has Wonder-White unable to stop Vorkken's Unify Chainsaw from hitting him. Everything continues to move at slo-mo and as the chainsaw draws dangerously close, White slowly tilts his head at the camera as he realizes what's about to happen, with pitifully sad, puppy dog-like eyes and a huge sweatdrop appearing.
  • The I Take Offense to That Last One moment between Wonder Pink and Wonder Blue
    Wonder-Pink: Stay out of this, you D-List wannabe, first year fencing school drop-out!
    Wonder-Blue: D-List?!
    • Sometime later...
    Wonder-Pink: Seriously, you pig-headed, arrogant, selfish, narcissistic, rampaging, sweaty oaf!
    Wonder-Blue: Who are you calling sweaty?!
  • Upon being sliced in half (even holding himself together just long enough to say something), Laambo literally calls shenanigans on the Wonderful One-Double-Oh for defeating him.
    • Later, his brother Walltha says the same thing.
  • The second boss clings onto the Virgin Victory just after you kick its ass in an attempt to perform a self destruct sequence to take down the ship. How do you get the jerk off? You use Unite Hand to tickle it.
    • Failing the QTE causes the Gah-Goojin to raise its hand and count down from three using it. When it finally explodes, its arm goes flying at the camera, giving a thumbs-up.
  • Vijounne Vs Wonder-Pink in a verbal match. Especially as it degrades into Symbol Swearing and bleeped swears.
    Wonder-Pink: Oh, do not worry, Red, that cougar is not going to bite a sweet little thing thing like you.
    Wonder-Pink: You heard me, foundation face!
    Vijounne: How dare you! I was doing my turn on the catwalk while you were still in diapers!
    Wonder-Pink: Oh, and who was in the audience, a fu#$%*&#$ cougars, too?
    Vijounne: Ugh! Come over here and say that to my face... You ditzy, cheerleader-looking, pom-pom headed sh#$%*!
    • While that's happening, Green and Yellow are scared out of their wits:
      Wonder-Green: Eep! Girls scare me! Maman!
      Wonder-Yellow: *sniffle* I share your fright.
  • Wonder-White's intro has him spouting out different types of advice while the other Wonderful Ones are completely bored. According to Wonder-Green, he's got about a hundred of these things.
    • What's more, is that this is in the middle of a battle, where the enemy is confused as to what's going on.
  • The final QTE in the game has the Wonderful 100 launching a combined wave motion beam at the final boss's own beam to try and beat it. During this, you have to press A rapidly. In order to really drive the thrill of this moment, the scene shows the Wonderful Ones frantically Button Mashing along with the player in the Platinum Robo to strengthen the laser. You will end up in stitches at this moment.
    • Also the fact that Earth during this segment is spinning at such a ludicrous speed that it's a wonder the whole population doesn't go flying off into space. Which just further adds to the ridiculously awesome image of the scene.
    • Perhaps even funnier is the QTE fail; all of the ships fly out of the way as Platinum Robo quickly swims to the Earth and moves it out of the way of the shot. The QTE then restarts to let you try again.
    • And if you pay attention, while everyone is frantically button mashing as much as they can, Wonder-Yellow is slowly pushing his own button, only managing 3 presses while on screen.
  • Another from the final battle! Red, much to Blue's annoyance, decides to name their final attack "Final Ultimate Legendary Earth Power Super Max Justice Future Miracle Dream Beautiful Galaxy Big Bang Little Bang Sunrise Starlight Infinite Fabulous Totally Final Wonderful Arrow". Blue ends up screaming in frustration at first, and as the beam draws closer, Blue glances back and forth between Red and the beam, trying to get him to fire the damn thing already, calling Red's name frantically and shaking him right before getting punched out by Red. Later, Blue notes that Red used the adjective "Final" twice.
  • The Wonderful 100 learn at one point that someone has been leaking information to the GEATHJERK. When Green hears this, he says this:
    "When intelligence leaks, it's usually me!"
    • The look on Pink's face when hearing this is priceless.
    • There's also the reverse of that, which is THE ENTIRE WONDER-TEAM (including P-Star and Wonder Black, who only joined very recently) giving her the exact same look in response to her accusations of Red "running around with some hussy [Immorta] while they are trying to save the world," when she's been fangirling over Vorkken in their every encounter. The later version includes Luka and Immorta also giving her that expression, and it's hilarious.
  • Wonder-Black doesn't even make the slightest effort to pay attention to the big wrap-up going on after Jergingha has been defeated and debris from him is slowly raining down to Earth and burning up in spectacular fashion. He's just glued to his 3DS as always. In fact, the only thing that does get his attention is the little side bet he made with Wonder-Green over destroying the most GEATHJERK ships to win a pair of Wonder-Pink's undies.
  • If you die as Pink during any of the Vorkken boss battles, rather than her usual death shriek, she yells "VORKIIIIIIEEEEE!!!" instead.
  • Failing the Wonder Punch QTES during the second phase of the final boss gives you him punching Red, and saluting to the camera with a coy smirk as he sails past. Why is this funny in particular? It's a ''giant mechanical brain with andross-style hands''
  • This little lyric from the theme song, because of how (intentionally) ridiculous it is: "Go, go team! Demolish those fiends! Toss 'em in a garbage can!"
  • Wonder-Red and Immorta develop a crush on each other, but never make a move on it. The Wonderful Ones and later Prince Vorkken can see it and keep prodding them about it. Eventually Vorkken tells Wonder-Red to "keep my sister [Immorta] in your thoughts." This causes Red and Immorta to light up like Christmas Trees.
  • In Operation 005-C, the Wonderful 100 have caught the Super Reactor statue while piloting a Humongous Mecha. It is grasping onto it while the team try to figure out their next move (read: how to get it moving again). Blue presses a button... which results in the robot flinging the reactor down a huge lava-fall. Cue group shot of Blue, Pink and Green screaming as the reactor plummets... only for it to warp into Subspace RIGHT when it's about to hit the bottom. Green and Pink then chew him out for it.
    Blue: Whew, that was close.
    Green: That was close?! What do you think we are, some stupid daredevils living on the edge of danger?! note 
    Pink: Didn't your mother ever tell you to keep your hands to yourself?!
    Blue: You guys are harsh...
  • During the final battle, the final boss gives an Aside Glance to the player.
    • What is the aside glance done for? The intended finishing strike is called Unite Ultra Platinum, and upon being drawn, it becomes the Platinum Games logo. Jergingha looks at the player with a wide-eyed stare as if to say, "...You're seeing this too, right?"
    • During the battle's real final strike, when the heroes are firing an energy beam fueled by the Earth's rotation, look closely at the location everything else is spinning around. It's Osaka, Japan, home to the headquarters of PlatinumGames.
  • The QTE at the end of Operation 007-B certainly counts. After extracting the parasite from Prince Vorkken and beating it up a bit more, the miniaturization on your team wears off and the parasite has an Oh, Crap! moment when it realizes the fight literally becomes a Curb-Stomp Battle. Yes, the QTE is for stomping it repeatedly.
  • The Punch-Out!!-style battle against Wallgah-Goojin in Operation 005-C. The sheer absurdity of two giant robots duking it out like Little Mac and Mr. Dream accompanied by music that sounds like it was ripped right out of said game is just hilarious.
  • No matter where you go, the Wonderful Mart will appear at the end of a level. In space? Inside enemy territory? Inside Vorkken? It'll be there like a hilariously invasive Waffle House.
  • By the end of the game, Wonder-Black's 3DS is as beaten as the rest of the team, but it still functioning. It must be made of Nintendium.
  • Heyourgah's introduction shot. His grave is labeled as "EXTREME DANGER! APPROACH WITH CAUTION." and the flower sprouting from it is apparently its "energy source".
  • One of GEATHJERK's workers? A evil alien that is literally named GIMME! A name for such an evil character is worth laughing at.
    • Even better: it's the name of the game's resident Knight of Cerebus. Yes, a villain who's played more seriously than his contemporaries is given a name like Gimme.
  • One of Wonder-Pink's QTE fails has her suddenly quit punishing a Gah-Goojin with her whip so she can reapply her makeup. It does a Double Take and promptly swats her away like a fly.
    • Just to add another layer of funny to this particular moment: she throws her whip away right before she starts reapplying her makeup. That's not funny by itself, but notice her whip is still morphed. Remember how Unite Morphs are composed of the other Wonderful Ones? In essence, she just casually threw away her team just to take a quick powder break. What the Gah-Goojin does as detailed above afterward is just the icing on the cake.
  • Some of the shorter loading screens have a Title Scream from various characters. There's a rare chance that the person saying the title is either Laambo or Walltha, who growls "The Wonderful 101! I hate those guys." The other brother responds with, "Yeah, me too."
    • On the same subject, Vorkken might be the one who's supposed to say it. Instead, he says, "Join the Guyzoch!"
  • The only reason Wanna died during the explosion of his Kuzzler was because his cape got snagged in the thing.