Funny / The Wind and the Lion

  • Most of Raisuli's snarking.
  • The Sharif or Waszn presents Raisuli with a severed tongue:
Eden Pedicaris: Why would anyone want to cut out a man's tongue?
Raisuli: Perhaps the previous owner had nothing pleasant to say.
Jennifer Pedicaris: What is it?
William Pedicaris: It's some sort of tongue.
Eden Pedicaris: Children! Get away from that tongue!
  • The Sultan firing the machine gun.
  • A conversation with Teddy Roosevelt and one of his advisors
"You're dangerous.You might even shoot somebody...accidentally I mean."
"John, I'd never shoot anyone accidentally....I need their votes"
  • Later on in the scene, Teddy's son pitches a question
"Father, is Raisuli a real pirate?"
"Yes indeed. He is the last of the Barbary pirates."
"Why do you say that?"
"Well the world is fast outgrowing pirates, of that sort anyway."
"Do you know of any others?"
"J.P.Morgan. He's the only other pirate I know."