Funny / The Who

  • Usually courtesy of Keith Moon, although each band member was pretty hilarious in his own way. The intro to "A Quick One While He's Away" on Live at Leeds, and many others. You can see a lot of them, including Keith Moon's "striptease" as a bewildered Russell Harty tries (with limited success at best) to interview them, in The Kids are Alright.
  • A funny story from The Who's travels on the road: Keith Moon, Mr. Crazy Awesome trope codifier, is enjoying his music in his hotel room at a great loud volume, as per the norm. The hotel manager comes round to complain about "the noise". Keith, ever the polite one, invites the manager into the room with a gallant wave. He walks him over to the bathroom, whereupon he lights a stick of dynamite, drops it in the toilet, and closes the door. The dynamite ignites, and Keith, still in polite mode, says to the manager, "That, dear boy, was noise." He then turns up his boombox and says "This... is The Who."
  • Another time, as The Who were leaving their hotel, Keith yelled "Wait, I forgot something!" He then ran back into their hotel room, grabbed the TV, threw it into the pool, and climbed back into the car as if nothing had happened.
  • Another one, witnessed by their road manager: they're in a hotel lobby, a phone rings on the front desk, Keith picks it up, says "hello?" then says to Pete, who's just gotten on the elevator, "It's for you," handing him the receiver. The doors close on the phone cord, the elevator goes up, the chord snaps, the phone falls to the ground…and in dead silence Pete's voice comes from three floors up: "I think I've been cut off."
  • The "Happy Jack" and "Call Me Lightning" music videos.
  • Most of John Entwistle's compositions (both with The Who and as a solo artist) were written with a rather dark humor.
  • Any of the videos where they're lip-synching a song. Watch Keith Moon, naturally. He'll usually spend most of the video contentedly bopping his head and occasionally hitting the drums in rhythm with the song.
  • The band's infamous mentioned appearance on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, where Keith Moon blew up his drum kit. His Oh, Crap! reaction takes the cake, as even he didn't anticipate how big the explosion would be.
  • Pete hitting Abbie Hoffman with a guitar at Woodstock after the latter tried to interrupt the show.
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