Funny / The Way of Kings

  • Syl brings a rare plant to Kaladin to cheer him up. She'd seen him with it before he started to lose hope, but he lost it, so she figured that having one again would make him feel better. The plant in question? A deadly poison he had been keeping because he was comptemplating suicide. Well, it's the thought that counts.
  • How Rock ended up in Bridge 4 - "I may have, uh, enhanced the soup".
    Teft: Wait, you put chull dung in Highprince Sadeas's soup?
    Rock: Er, yes... Actually I put this thing in his bread too. And used it as a garnish on the pork steak. And made a chutney out of it for the buttered garams. Chull dung, it has many uses, I found.
  • Almost everything Hoid says in his capacity as the King's Wit
    "Each man has his place, Mine is to make insults. Yours is to be in-sluts."
  • Picture this: A highprince decked out in full Shardplate nonchalantly digging a latrine ditch. While contemplating some very serious decisions. And then his sister-in-law found him.
    • To be specific, his sister-in-law who he has feelings for. Now that's a kicker.
  • Dalinar to Elhokar after beating the snot out of him
    "Oh and Elhokar? Your mother and I are now courting, you might want to start growing accustomed to that."
  • Overlaps with awesomeness, but when Kaladin uses every ounce of stormlight in his body to draw dozens of arrows to his shield to protect Bridge Four it knocks Kaladin flat and everyone on that portion of the battlefield, enemy and ally alike, stop to stare in amazement and confusion because they're wondering where all the arrows went.
  • There exists in the Paleneum a book that categorizes people based on their preference in jams.
  • The properties of truthberry jam. Legends say that those who eat it will speak only truth until the next sunrise. What actually happens is that the stems and leaves of truthberry bushes put you in a Mushroom Samba when burned. Tribesmen would gather the berries, eat them around a fire made from the stems, and Hilarity Ensues.
    Shallan: It's a wonder they didn't become known as birthberries, considering...
  • Hoid to Renarin:
    Wit: What of you, Prince Renarin? Your father wishes me to leave you alone. If you can speak and yet say nothing ridiculous, I will leave you alone for the rest of the week.
    Renarin: Nothing ridiculous.
    • Hoid then decides that Renarin's response passes, presumably as there's nothing at all to mock. Made even better because it comes right after he gave the same test to Sadeas, who doesn't even manage to make it three words before walking right into one of Hoid's jabs.
  • Shallan venting her frustration after being dismissed by Jasnah and condescended to by the merchant she came to for books on history and philosophy.
    Merchant: Brightness... I believe you stray into sarcasm.
    Shallan: Funny. I thought I'd run straight into it, screaming at the top of my lungs.
    Merchant: I'll go help my wife.