Funny / The Watch

  • When the guys are talking about how they feel they're being watched...
    Franklin: Yeah he's probably watching us... beating the fuck out of his dick.
  • And this gem:
    Evan: Shooting an alien in he head, repeatedly. You! Killed! My! Friend! You stupid Flootrock!
    Bob: I don't know if we can confirm or deny that this is Flootrock, but this guy's a goner for sure.
    • And the part where they keep shooting the guy they think it's Flootrock like half an hour after they've killed him. Excellent example of Crosses the Line Twice.
  • The entire scene with guys taking pictures of the captured alien in various poses and outfits.
    • When Evan first reveals the (supposedly dead) alien:
    Evan: This intelligent, sentient being traveled untold light years to come and visit our planet.
    Franklin: And you killed it. (beat) Nice!
    (Evan and Franklin high five)
  • The revelation of what the creepy neighbor is really up to.
  • R. Lee Ermey. Period.