Funny / The Warlord Chronicles

  • Every word out of Merlin's mouth that isn't a Crowning Moment of Awesome tends to be this.
    • The battle of Lugg Vale is about to begin, and Merlin strolls onto the battlefield... and apparently ignoring the fact that it is a battlefield, starts a sales pitch for the quest for the Cauldron. Everyone is utterly confused.
    • When the Warriors of the Cauldron are trapped on the top of a hill, surrounded by Diwrnach and his army of psychos, Merlin seems to be dead and Derfel is quietly despairing. Then Merlin's inquiring voice emanates from behind him, asking a question: Does he have any cheese?
      • And then, to Derfel's utter bafflement, Merlin proceeds to give a lecture on cheese, apparently ignoring the fact that they are surrounded by psychos and possibly about to die horribly.