Funny / The War Comms

  • Rod's reactions to people pwning him while he's trying to be a badass, showing him to be the ridiculous teenage perv he is.
    • Also, his failtastic flirtations with Sailor Bimbo and her less than pleased reactions.
  • Ralph always seeming to have just the right macro for whatever occasion. The macros themselves are hilarious, too.
  • Lucy and Emily's catfight over Riku when the latter first joined the comms.
  • Rod and Lucy both getting bridgets dropped on them in the same post.
  • When the socks learnt that they were i-net famous.
  • The sock population and the muns learning of Gordon's rabbit-phobia.
  • April 1st, 2007. That is all.
    Alyssia: (to Mary Ellen): You were threatening to rape people, and all you can say is you were "naughty"?note 
  • Any time Zacharias drops his smug, holier-than-thou composure. Especially when it comes to Esmeralda's love for Tuxedo Wank Man.
  • Milos's crazy crossover ideas. With lesbian draco-mecahs.
  • Mila and Lyssie mocking the shit out of Esmeralda's note  soppy, melodramatic Boyd/Mist fanfic.
  • Zacharias tells Missy off in a surprisingly creative way. Proving even a stick-butt like him can be tolerable now and then.