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Funny: The Unofficial MK Vs SF Saga
  • Chapter 14: The Alpha-Omega demonstrates that even it can have a sense of humor, by refereeing Sonya vs. Cammy as a skeleton from the Dead Pool stage in Mortal Kombat 2.
    Sonya: Why's an all-powerful being playing a practical joke?
    Alpha-Omega: Come now! Don't tell me that you expect me to be a total bore with no sense of humor. After all, I wouldn't have brought any of you here if I didn't have any feelings.
  • Chapter 15: Birdie's Oh, Crap reaction on seeing Goro, followed by Goro's response.
    Birdie: Bloody Hell! What is this, thing?! It has... four arms! SHIT!
    Goro: Die quietly!
  • Chapter 17: Noob Saibot has just defeated Yang.
    Alpha-Omega: Winner of Round 1, Fight 37, Noob Saibot! I bet Ken ain't going to like that remark, not that Noob Saibot would care...
  • Chapter 18: The Alpha-Omega has transformed into one of T. Hawk's friends to referee his fight with Shao Kahn.
    T. Hawk: A-O, is there anyone you won't transform into?
    Alpha-Omega: Well, let's see, certain business people, politicians...
    T. Hawk: Sorry I asked.
  • Chapter 30: Alpha-Omega invokes another moment, this time by transforming into Kyoko of Rival Schools fame to referee Ken vs. Younger Sub-Zero.
    Alpha-Omega: Be careful, Ken. What would Eliza say if you were gawking at another woman? Kyoko's real, and when you return, you may meet her. What would happen, if you did what you are doing now?
    Sub-Zero: He would probably have his wife slug him for being disloyal.

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