Funny: The Ugly Barnacle

  • The analysis page, any reviews, or heck just about everything on related pages of The Ugly Barnacle. Why? Because they're all much longer than the work itself.
    • There's also the fact that that Crowning Moment of Funny is longer than the work. And the work having a longer TV Tropes page with more extras (Headscratchers, Trivia, Analysis, etc.) than entire TV shows and movies.
      • The work also has that black humour to it... which did not help at all!
    • This very sentence is longer than the whole of the story, and that did help at all.
      • There are more sub-pages than words in the story!
    • The Laconic page is longer than the story!
  • There was a time when The Ugly Barnacle was listed on the epic page. It had to be removed, but still.
  • Everyone died! Ha, that's funny! Right? Right?
  • The story itself. One of the funniest jokes in Sponge Bob to date. It was really cool to see such a one off joke gain such a following.