Funny / The Tyrannosaur Chronicles

  • Traumador's hockey uniform is number 00 due to him mistaking the player number for the price of the uniform, causing commentator Gus Richards to misindentify him as the captain of Team Canada.
  • The Germ Man singing about schnitzel.
    "I love schnitzel, I love schnitzel
    How 'bout you, how 'bout you?
    Eat it in my tummy, eat it in my tummy
    Yum yum yum, yum yum yum"
  • Craig talking about summer programs at the Royal Tyrell Museum, where kids can learn about all kinds of dinosaurs including "Godzillas".
    • Traumador keeps a larva belonging to something that "destroyed Tokyo the other day" in Craig and Dan's basement.
  • Traumador trying to research how to mate, only to be met with websites that require the user to be age 18 or above. The kicker is that Traumador points out how Tyrannosaurus are only known to live to a bit less than 30 at most, so an 18-year-old Tyrannosaurus would already be quite old.
  • Traumador mistaking the belugas at the Vancouver Aquarium for ghosts, and calling in the Ghostbusters.
  • "The" actually being Traumador's (and most other dinosaurs') middle name, with Norman subverting the trend with the middle name "A".