Funny / The Truman Show
That one’s for free.
  • When Truman is messing with Meryl by driving around the cul-de-sac over and over. "SOMEBODY HELP ME! I'M BEING SPONTANEOUS!" And then when cars pull right in front of Truman's car in a coordinated attempt to prevent him from leaving town, we get this awesome exchange:
    Truman: ...blocked at every turn. Beautifully synchronized, don't you agree?
    Meryl: You're blaming me for the traffic?
    Truman: Should I?
  • The various ways the set tries to avert Truman from leaving, such as the poster in the travel agency of a plane being struck by lightning: "IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU!". It makes the already doubtful Truman even more suspicious too - something is wrong because all of the posters in the travel agency are making travelling look bad. Not so realistic, eh Christof?
    • Another of these posters reads "TRAVELERS BEWARE: Have you bought enough travel insurance to protect against: TERRORISTS, DISEASE, WILD ANIMALS, STREET GANGS?"
  • When Truman does the "When I Grow Up, I Want To Be...", he opts for Explorer... only for the teacher to pull down a map and state "I'm sorry, you're too late; there's nothing left to explore!" Crushing childhood dreams has never been so hilarious.
  • Truman drawing on his mirror with soap one morning instead of his normal routine.
  • In a bit of hilarious if sardonic social commentary, the two parking garage guards, who (along with the rest of the world) have been watching all of Truman's efforts to escape (and his eventual success), leave us with this:
    Guard One: You want another slice?
    Guard Two: Nah, I'm good.
    Guard One: Let's see what else is on.
    Guard Two: Yeah, what else is on?
    Guard One: Where's the TV guide?
    [cut to black, roll credits]
  • The guards also complain about the Sexy Discretion Shot when Meryl and Truman have sex:
    "You never see anything anyway...They always uh...turn the camera, music know, the wind blows and then the curtain moves, you don't see anything."
  • When Truman goes to the hospital where Meryl works, the doctors are caught off-guard and have to improvise surgery:
    Surgeon: ...Scalpel. I am now making my primary incision, just above the right knee.
    [the actor!patient jumps in shock as soon as the scalpel touches her knee, forcing another actor!doctor to hold her down]
    [as Truman is escorted out, the actors drag the actor!patient's leg forward as if it was amputated]
    Meryl: Very good, beautiful job.
    Surgeon: Well...[pretends to survey the amputation] I'll just let someone else tidy up here.
  • The bathtub viewer gets really into Truman's escape attempt:
    [clings to shower curtain] YOU CAN DO IT! HOOOOOOLD ONNNNNN!
  • The various actors' efforts to thread Product Placement into their daily routine with Truman, whether by pushing him up against a poster advertising a product or shilling a product in dialogue, are hilariously blatant and unsubtle. Until Truman catches on, when while obviously trying to talk with Meryl about various issues he's having, she attempts to whore out another product.
  • One of the attempts to crash the show itself? A viewer hid himself in one of Truman's Christmas presents when he was a toddler.
    Fan: [being tackled by Truman's dad] I DID IT! I'M ON THE TRUMAN SHOW!
  • Truman's aghast reaction — "Meryl!" — to his wife brandishing the Chef's Pal at him. And taking a moment to fold out its three blade options.
  • Truman looks through his wedding album and, upon looking under a magnifying glass, notices that Meryl crossed her fingers during their wedding. The next morning, this is how he says goodbye as she rushes off for "surgery":
    Truman: I'll cross my fingers for ya.
  • During a night with Meryl and his mother, Truman is looking at childhood photos and sees one of his family at "Mount Rushmore" (clearly a fake) with his mother casually handwaving that Truman doesn't remember the road trip because he slept the whole way.
    Truman: Looks awfully small—
    Angela: (quickly puts the album away) Things always do when you look back on them, darling.
  • Watch Marlon during the scene when Truman confides he's going to go away for a while; even when he's not facing a camera, Marlon still makes sure the beer label does.
  • "There's that dented Beetle! Yes! Aahhhhhhh! Ha ha ha! Don't you want to know how I did that? I'll tell you. They're on a loop. They go around the block. They come back. They go around again. They just go round and round. Round and round."