Funny / The True Meaning of Smekday

  • The signal J.Lo accidentally sent to the Gorg.
    Tip: But really ... what did you send? There weren't any radio or television stations transmitting anymore.
    J.Lo: No. it was just a little song. I singed a little song to see if the antennas were able to be sending it back to my scooter.
    Tip: What kind of song?
    J.Lo: A kid song. A children's play song.
    Tip: How did it go?
    J.Lo: Hm. It will not to rhyme in humanspeak.
    Tip: That's okay.
    J.Lo: It goes ... it goes, Gorg are dumb, dumb like soap, their wives are wider than they should be.
    J.Lo: The funny part is, the Gorg do not even have wives.
  • Some of the "tools" invented by the Boov include the spiked tubaharp, the less dangerous spiked tubaharp, and the tubaharp de-spiker.
  • Tip and J.Lo try to teach each other how to write in their respective native languages. Tip gets her own name wrong in J.Lo's language, causing him to laugh and prompting this exchange:
    Tip: YOU have no room to laugh, that's all. I'm not doing any worse with Boovish than you did with English.
    J.Lo: Get off of the car. I am an English superstar.
    Tip: Uh-uh. There's no comparison. "Gratuity" in written Boovish has seventeen different bubbles that all have to be the right size and in the right place. "J.Lo" in written English only has three letters, and you still spelled it "M-smiley face - pound sign."
  • From 8 Things You Have Always Wanted to Know About the Gorg But Were Afraid to Ask the Gorg Because the Gorg Might Punch You In The Face:
    Gorg are about eight feet tall and weigh one kiloboov. In the Gorg's own units of measurement they are exactly one Gorg tall and weigh roughly a Gorg.
    The Gorg smell like a bouquet of lilacs ... sprinkled with cinnamon ... and buried under a shoulder-high pile of rancid dogmeat.
    Werefor you knowing it? If you took every Gorg in the galaxy, and stacked them one on top of the other, the Gorg would kill you.
    All Gorg enjoy musical theater.
  • "The Boov have seven magnificent genders. There is boy, girl, girlboy, boygirl, boyboy, boyboygirl, and boyboyboyboy."
  • After Tip asks if there is a short-eared koobish (cow-like animal):
    J.Lo: Mmmyes ... But it is technically not really a koobish. Is more alike a kind of singing pumpkin.
  • J.Lo ending one of his explanatory comics with a panel that's just a picture of a glue bottle: "Pass to me the rubber cement. I am hungry." (Tip: "I can't believe you drew that.")
  • J.Lo explaining that before the Nimrog all became clones of the same individual, Gorg was merely a popular boy's name, "like Ethel." Tip doesn't bother to correct him.