Funny / The Troll Hunter

  • Hans relates a story about just how stupid trolls can be - he once saw one try to eat its own tail, head between its legs to do so, and wind up rolling downhill when it started to gag.
  • After the death of Kalle, the crew hire a replacement camerawoman. Immediately, they ask her if she's Christian. When she replies - reasonably nonplussed - that she's Muslim, Thomas turns to Hans and asks if that's alright. Hans merely shrugs and basically says, "Eh."
  • The Polish guy was awesome!
  • Hans attracting a troll with gospel music was delightfully bizarre.
  • In what is probably one of the most tense scenes in the movie, the trapped foursome get a facefull of an epic Troll fart.
  • Hans appearing with his plate armor.
    Hans: I hate this shit.
  • When called out on the apparently strange behavior of a bear traveling across three countries to end up in Norway, the TSS explains that Russian bears are known to do that, with no further explanation felt necessary.
  • Hans running out of the forest and yelling "TROLL!!!"
  • The way Hans keeps troll tails in his trailer to make it smell like troll.