Funny / The Triplets of Belleville

  • A bit of Black Comedy early in the film where Madame Souza gets held up by the accordion player we see standing on top of the van, who has apparently been gravely injured by the van passing under a bridge...
  • When the triplettes get exposed during the Mafia rally and began to shoot them....but no before recognizing them and started singing Belleville Rendez-vous.
  • The scene of Madame Souza disguised as a blind lady and the Boy Scout trying to help her cross the street.
  • While still trying to outrun the mafia by throwing most of their stuff at them to kick them off the curb, the Triplets briefly elaborate on having Bruno be thrown at the last car chasing them only for Madame Souza to hold the dog close, as if to say "not a chance".