* Shepard's trying to figure out why a whole bunch of supplies were diverted to the ''Normandy'' and eventually goes to Hannah.
--> '''Hannah:''' Leave it be. I know what's happening. Think of it as a gift, there's nothing malicious behind it. Alright?\\
'''Shepard:''' ''(grumbles something unintelligible)''\\
'''Hannah:''' ''([[ThatsAnOrder in her "giving orders" voice]])'' You want to ''repeat'' that, soldier?\\
'''Shepard:''' ''(snaps to attention)'' No ma'am. ''({{beat}})'' Hey, that's cheating.\\
'''Hannah:''' That's my girl.\\
'''Shepard:''' [[ThisIsThePartWhere Is this where]] I make a joke about you being a ''rear'' admiral?
* Sparatus diverting fighters on Tuchanka by telling Primarch Victus, quote, "Give her what she wants or I'll break your face with my massive star-cruiser. She's our last best hope and she's cleaning up your mess. Don't be a turd, Victus. I know where you live and I have pictures of every girl you ever shacked up with."
* Shepard sends an email to Hannah in which she goes absolutely ballistic over Sparatus using air-quotes on her, a gesture he apparently picked up from Hannah.