Funny / The Thing from Another World

  • A majority of the cast get off decent one-liners, due to Hawks' love of Deadpan Snarker characters.
    • The thermite destroys the priceless Flying Saucer. They then find the alien corpse.
    Officer: How are we going to get it out of the ice?
    Hendry: Knock it off!
    • Scotty's gloomy comment on the likelyhood of finding the Thing.
      "When we lose 'em they stay lost!"
  • The radio man's response, cut off by the closing door, to a casual last minute caution by Hendry.
    "What do you mean guns are no good?!"
  • Nikki's immediate response to the question "How do you kill a carrot?"
    • "Cook it." Funny because it's given so quickly and nonchalantly that the audience can't help but chuckle at how simple a solution it could be.
  • This line towards Scotty, and Scotty's response.
    Hendry: Well Scotty, did you get your picture?
    • Everyone looks to Scotty, only to watch him fall over backwards as he faints.
  • A few times in the film, doors are barricaded shut using wooden beams. This was done at least once against the side of a door that swung away from the barricade, as demonstrated by the alien opening the door without issue.