Funny / The Thing from Another World

  • A majority of the cast get off decent one-liners, due to Hawks' love of Deadpan Snarker characters.
    • The thermite destroys the priceless Flying Saucer. They then find the alien corpse.
    Officer: How are we going to get it out of the ice?
    Hendry: Knock it off!
    • Scotty's gloomy comment on the likelyhood of finding the Thing.
      "When we lose 'em they stay lost!"
    • Then, after they get back to the base, they find a radio message ordering them to use thermite to get the ship out of the ice:
  • The radio man's response, cut off by the closing door, to a casual last minute caution by Hendry.
    "What do you mean guns are no good?!"
  • Nikki's immediate response to the question "How do you kill a carrot?"
    • "Cook it." Funny because it's given so quickly and nonchalantly that the audience can't help but chuckle at how simple a solution it could be.
  • This line towards Scotty, and Scotty's response.
    Hendry: Well Scotty, did you get your picture?
    • Everyone looks to Scotty, only to watch him fall over backwards as he faints.
  • A few times in the film, doors are barricaded shut using wooden beams. This was done at least once against the side of a door that swung away from the barricade, as demonstrated by the alien opening the door without issue.
  • Pat and Nikki's date. After what happened last time, he offers to let her tie his hands. She does. Then, as she's talking about the difference between men and women, he suddenly pulls out a cigarette and asks for a light.