* In ''The Tale of ALLTYNEX Official Guidebook'', a joke {{Yonkoma}} shows Xaffiquel [[GoMadFromTheRevelation going mad from seeing his daughter Panaffil used as a Brain Fusion experiment]], and he copes by cuddling with a body pillow with her likeness printed on it. So when Panaffil, in Kamui #2, engages the [[FinalBoss Adjudicator]], which contains the mind of Xaffiquel...
--> '''Xaffiquel:''' "PANNYYYY!!" \\
'''Panaffil:''' "Papa, you pervert!"
* Dennis decides to [[TakeThat mock the religious fraction of the resistance]] just for [[{{Troll}} the hell of it.]]
--> '''Dennis:''' "And so religious nuts will overthrow a government of hypocrites. The situation would be ludicrous if it wasn't actually happening."
* One of the visions [[spoiler:the Neural Nest Network]] fights Panaffil with is Scorpio from VideoGame/RefleX... without its tail.
* The resident SealedBadassInACan itself, [[spoiler:ZODIAC Ophiuchus.]] [[LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe Infinite shield]], [[MoreDakka massive firepower]]... [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking and dies in]] [[OneHitPointWonder a single hit.]]