Funny / The Spellbook

Main Story
  • When goes to the magic shop he got the spell book from when the owner tells him that saying anything evil related causes thunder roars Peter then says evil-type words and one of them is Disney.
  • Quagmire's birthday present for Meg.
  • When Seamus warns Meg about the book and he tells her that Death will come and Death complains that he was there as a guest.
  • Peter said that he doesn't do stuff the family reminds
    Peter: Hey! I don't do stupid stuff!
    Lois: Don't you remember when you kidnapped the Pope?
    Brian: Or when you feigned your own death and Death almost took your soul away?
    Chris: Or when you pretended that I was dying to prevent the cancellation of Gumble 2 Gumble?
    Meg: Or when you disguised as a teenager assisted to my school?
    Peter: Well maybe-
    Lois: Or when you almost get me killed by the Mafia?
    Brian: Or when you founded your own nation
    Chris: Or when you tried to convert me to Judaism because you though that would make me smarter
    Meg: Or when you tried to break a Guinness record, losing your sight in the process
    Lois: Or when you-
    Peter: OK I GOT IT!
  • Peters the wish potion Meg made to increase the size of Lois's boobs.
  • Matt seeing Peter for the first time.
  • Peter tried to drive the family back from the hospital with his teeth.
  • When Meg gave the family super powers Lois found out the hard way Brian's power was X-ray.
  • The super-power Griffins stopping bank robbers.
  • Starscream suing Chris for using his name for his super hero alias.
  • Matt's sister Sophie actually understanding why Stewie wants to kill Lois after he explained himself, and then accidentally frying him with one of his rayguns.
  • Peter tried narrating his life again.
  • Peter tried using a cutaway to get rid of a giant that was tearing the town apart and when that he went Mario-style. But once that failed the family got the Arias to fix things by doing a reset and made All Just a Dream.
  • When the Griffins were talking to Jillian about seducing Matt's dad Ernie the Giant Chicken showed up to pick another fight with Peter.
  • After getting Peter to drink a truth potion Meg gets him to confess that he loves and later reveals to have a recording of the confession and when he tried to take it from her she vanished in smoke then Chris teases him for loving Meg until Peter punches him, then Brian and then the screen itself.
  • Meg and Matt playing Marvel vs Capcom vs Street Fighter vs Killer Instinct vs Mortal Kombat vs Tekken vs Smack Down vs Raw IV Turbo Beta ex plus: gold edition.
  • The Running Gag "Hey, did you notice that witch and bitch almost sound the same?"
  • When Tom and Diane report Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles being canceled for inducting Zoophile Tom complained how ridiculous that sounded only to be followed by a cutaway of a man preparing to have sex with a turtle.
  • Peter and others methods of exorcising Miriam and her sisters out of Meg, Lois, and Jillian's bodies, which in turn gave Jillian a fear of apples.
  • When everyone realized that Stewie and Sophie were lost in the show they did a series of oh no's expecting Kool-Aid man to burst in but he was frozen.
  • The ending of Meg and Matt's wedding chapterm I won't spoiled what happened but it did end with Peter saying he knew one of his kids weddings would end like it.
  • The copyright violations of chapter 16.
  • Ander's fake out at the start of chapter 17.

  • The Terminator meets his in-laws.
  • John Cena wrestles Cookie Monster.
  • Peter accidentally pulls a Rabbid out his hat during a magic act and all Hell breaks loose.
  • Peter crashes a WWII plane into Joe's house and Joes reacts by chasing and shooting him.
  • The flashback of Greta Griffin.
  • Peter having House as a doctor.
  • Mutant Warrior Apple.
  • Chris finds Megatron buried in the beach.
  • Matt's uncle is revealed to be Mr. Kennedy who later interrupts Trica's news report to say his name.
  • A female astronaut giving birth.
  • The government tortures the Griffins by making them watch every Disney Musical Show.
  • Meg's job hunting experiences.
  • The Snow White gag featuring the Kool-Aid guy.
  • Meg and Matt take on Connie and her friends with some help from Batista and later the Undertaker.
  • Solid Snake Griffin.
  • Peter ad Chris after messing with Hancock.
  • Peter's super glue accident.
  • Peter's failed comedy club act which included a cameo of Stan Smith
  • Sonic the Hedgehog falling victim to Robotnik's casino trap.
  • Peter cosplaying the Human Torch.
  • Lois catching Quagmire under the effect of the truth potion.
  • Agent Smith's identity.
  • Peter having [[Series/{{24}} Jack Bauer]] as a roommate.
  • The montage of Sophie finding Stewie's machines and activating them.
  • Bastita's gift to Edge after winning Night of Champions.
  • Stewie's flashback within a flashback.
  • Peter 12th anniversary gift to Lois.
  • Noah Griffin.
  • The Star Wars Convention.
  • Peter lost a bet to Quagmire.
  • Matt's time working at McDonald's.