Funny / The Sorcerer's Apprentice

  • Near the beginning, Nicolas Cage momentarily unleashes the full power of his Ham on an unsuspecting David.
    David: How did you know my name was David?
  • Horvath using Charm Person when trying to find David. Lampshaded by his own apprentice.
    Guard: First I'll need to see your faculty identification card.
    Guard: I don't need to see your faculty identification card.
    Horvath: Annoyed Glare
  • Horvath appearing in David's apartment, and announcing himself by criticizing David's 4th grade history report.
    Horvath: I've recently been released from a ten year sentence during which the only reading material available to me was your so-called report on Napoleon Bonaparte from your schoolbag. Your analysis was obvious; your prose was weak.
    David: I was nine.
  • David lacks perspective on just how bad the last ten years have been for Balthazar.
    David: Do you have any idea what my life has been like for the last ten years?
    Balthazar: I've been stuck in an urn for the last ten years.
  • This. Must. Not. Happen.
  • The bathroom scene:
    Drake: Have you cleared your mind?
    Dave: Yeah ...
    Drake: Have you got the ring on? Yeah? Right, try taking it off, it never helps me.
    Horvath: (comes in, looks at them and says to Drake, exasperated) Go guard the door.
  • "Will you step in to my cage?"
  • "Go Team Magical Stuff."
  • The plasma-bolt training.
  • Dave around Becky.
  • The Old Man shoes scene.
  • This little gem while fighting a dragon.
    Dave: Clear my mind?! Are you crazy?!
    Balthazar: *Thinks for a moment, then holds up two pinched fingers to say "a little"*
    • At least Balthazar is honest with himself and others.
  • When Dave is driving to the final battle and gets stuck in traffic behind an old woman... with a walker
  • If you're quick enough with the pause you can catch This when Dave electrocutes Horvath right before the final battle scene.
  • Who can forget the mops scene? Then there's that part when Dave tries to stop the madness. He pins a struggling mop to the table, and raises a fire axe above his head intending to chop it. Cue a camera cut to the shadow of him raising the axe cast dramatically across the wall, as if he's committing murder. So this scene managed not only to make the mandatory Call-Back to the original Mickey Mouse cartoon, but also lampoon a horror movie cliche. Wow.
    • Even better, the mop just easily dodges around the ax.
    • Another example is just after Dave's sent Becky away. He puts his head in his hands and shakes it. Two of the mops copy him.