* A bad guy who has tangled with Steve before gets a call relating that a single person has just torn through his goons like they were nothing. "This has a depressingly familiar ring to it."
* From the SpinOff with Steve's long-lost bionic son, we have all the moments when both Steve and Jaime realise they are SoLastSeason.
--> (the boy bolts off at nearly twice their speed)\\
'''Steve''': ...I can't do that.\\
'''Jaime''': I can't do that either.
* Earlier, Steve and his son reconnect...in the middle of a bar fight.
* Chased by some enemy agents in an alley, Steve grabs his son and takes a huge leap to the top of a nearby building. His son, unaware before this of Steve's bionic powers, dryly asks "Anything you'd like to tell me, dad?"
* In the second SpinOff movie, a new bionic agent (played by a then-unknown Sandra Bullock) discovers that her boyfriend, believed paralyzed in an accident earlier in the film, has been faking it to sucker the bad guys.
-->'''Kate''': Where you even hurt at all?
-->'''Jim''': Yes, I was hurt! Well, I didn't break bones but...I was cut. I had lacerations...Okay, bruises, big bruises but one of them turned yellow.