Funny: The Simpsons Game

  • When the family finally enters the mansion of the creator.
    Matt Groening: Your creator is TV's most beloved animation visionary!
    Homer: (excited) Seth MacFarlane?
    Matt glares at Homer
  • A number of the clichés too.
    Don't you know you can't swim until the sequel?
    • It's even funnier considering the fact that there is no sequel.
  • Sea Captain implying he has Medium Awareness:
    Sea Captain: I think this is the biggest role I've had in this series.
    Bart and Lisa: Huh?
    Sea Captain: ...Of events... that is your lives.
  • Sideshow Bob makes an appearance in the alien mothership, with the cutscene implying that a boss battle is incoming...then he steps on a rake and is knocked out. Cut back to Kang shouting at Kodos "I TOLD YOU to pick up your space rake!"
  • The final boss is a Dance Dance Revolution rip-off. Against God himself. It's as silly as it sounds.
  • At the end of The Day of the Dolphin, Kang and Kodos are watching Bart and Lisa laugh about beating the dolphins. They instantly swear revenge.
    Kang: Revenge! Revenge! Vengeance shall be ours!
    Kodos: The eggrolls are done.
    Kang: Revenge!
    Kodos: Eggrolls! Revenge!
    Kang: Revenge! Delicious!