* Usually courtesy of Ebbitt:
-->'''Ebbitt''': I would undoubtedly lose my false teeth if I went diving into whirlwinds.\\
'''Tal''': You don't have false teeth.\\
'''Ebbitt''': That is totally irrelevant. Now, if you'll excuse me...
* Milla and her ProudWarriorRace-ness can be good for this too:
-->'''Crow''': I have something to apologize for: I tried to kill your friend Tal. \\
'''Milla''': ''[shrug]'' I've tried to kill him myself, but he always survives.\\
'''Crow''': I'm serious! I threw my knife at him!\\
'''Milla''': Did you hit him?\\
'''Crow''': No, I only got his cloak.\\
'''Milla''': Then you should practice harder.