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Funny: The Seventh Tower
  • Usually courtesy of Ebbitt:
    Ebbitt: I would undoubtedly lose my false teeth if I went diving into whirlwinds.
    Tal: You don't have false teeth.
    Ebbitt: That is totally irrelevant. Now, if you'll excuse me...
  • Milla and her Proud Warrior Race-ness can be good for this too:
    Crow: I have something to apologize for: I tried to kill your friend Tal.
    Milla: [shrug] I've tried to kill him myself, but he always survives.
    Crow: I'm serious! I threw my knife at him!
    Milla: Did you hit him?
    Crow: No, I only got his cloak.
    Milla: Then you should practice harder.
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