Funny: The 7th Guest

  • By today's standards, some of the acting in this game is just too over-the-top to be taken seriously.
  • In the master bedroom, after Temple conjures a beautiful woman and reduces her to bones, Brian Dutton utters a Big "NO!" while rearing back for no apparent reason.
  • The last line of Stauf's poem in the library is quite laughable for its hamminess. "Crazy, Sick, and MEAN!"
  • During one video for the Kickstarter project for the third installment, "The 13th Doll", Rob Hirschboeck reads several poems from a binder while walking through a sunlit graveyard, and all the while never hesitates to bring back Stauf's hamminess in every way possible. He even comments that Henry himself "down in the crypt" wrote them.
  • That brief cutscene with the patient in the lab waking up and realizing that his brain's gone, and then looking down and attempting to put it back. No, literally.
    • Although, given the squicky nature of the whole event, it could also come off as Nightmare Fuel, especially with the disgusting gurgling noises in the background.
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